One more React Native app

At the end of 2017 we have finished another mobile development project. This time we made two mobile applications:

  • native Android application integrated with smart cash box machine;
  • cross-platform React Native application for money transferring.

Let’s talk about this in details.

Instead of a thousands words here is the schema which shows how does it work.

Before we have already done such kind of integrations with smart cash boxes by Swedish manufacturer CashBow AB, we did it for another project mobile cash register. There are two modes in this application: administrator and user. Using this app as administrator you can establish the connection with smart cash box and set up some settings. Using this app as ordinary user you can top up you wallet which you can register using your phone.


The first application is very simple and its purpose is just to work with cash. The second one has to allow money transfers among the clients of this service. We chose Expo as a build tool because it allows to build and deploy React Native projects on iOS and Android. Also it has its own API to work with some native functions of platform where it has been launched. For this project we worked with API for getting permissions and contacts.


There were some tricky things with making markup:
1) we had to put two elements (TextInput and container) upon each over to be able to make our custom TextInput which allows to place text with different font size;

2) there are shadows for some elements on some screens. This shadow should be placed on the right and bottom sides. So we had to mix two elements again —  the first one has ‘evaluation’ property, this allows to make visible shadow from all four sides. The second element is placed upon the first one and it shifted to the left and up. This allows to hide shadow partially and leave it only from the right and bottom.