Web Summit 2016

This November we visited Web Summit — probably the most important conference in IT world. Just the numbers: 3 days, hundreds of startups, more than 50000 attendees. This days Lisbon has been changed — you could meet a person with “attendee” badge on his jacket everywhere.

20161106_162851 20161110_213259

This is how it looks like from cableway.


Every day there were new booths from new startupers. In addition to the booths were a lot of all sorts of activities — lectures, presentations, competitions, and even test drive of BWM i3. It was almost impossible to visit everything. And for those that was not enough, it was a night summit — the pub crowling in specially reserved bars, where people could talk informally over a beer.


You could see here different kind of attendees — from small start-ups to the Internet giants. But I can not say that I saw at the conference something special, some kind of a breakthrough in technology: just another yet social networks, new messengers and bots for them, the website and mobile application constructors, SaaS-services, blockchain-services and, of course, the Internet of Things.

20161108_165955 20161110_170234 20161108_163052

For those who are tired — the ability to eat or taste the Portuguese wine! That’s really who really earned a lot of money at this conference — the Web Summit team and fast food companies. The cheapest ticket for the conference cost 350 euros, a hot dog — 5 euros, a bottle of water — 2 euros!

20161110_154416 20161108_114717 20161108_163937

Our goal was to get acquainted not only with the new technologies, but also with new partners.


Of course, we were not the only ones who offer outsourcing services for the development of this conference — there were big studios from India, South America, USA and, of course, Russia. Overall — the Web Sumiit conference is more for managers than for programmers. Nevertheless, I believe the trip productive and optimistic about the 2017 th year — now there are new contacts you want to convert into projects.